Video Work

Title: Battered and Bewildered: Megastorms

Run Time: 3:49

Description: This video is a summary of three megastorms that have occurrred within the past year, which are united by their roots in climate change and their negative impact on human populations. Although merely representative of the types of weather the planet has been experiencing, these storms are a wake up call that should bring awareness of environmental damage's ultimate impact upon us.

Title: BP Oil Spill Deepwater Horizon Disaster

Run Time: 3:24

Description: This video covers many environmental results of the BP Oil Spill, which originated from a rig explosion on April 20, 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico, placing an emphasis on the damage done to wildlife and natural habitats. The combination of mashed-up video and sound clips creates a feeling of urgency, and exposes the fact that this oil spill is still an ongoing issue, despite having minimal news coverage at the present time.

Title: Change

Run Time: 1:17

Description: This is the second in a series of videos related to Raymond Williams' thoughts on television, but this one focuses more strongly on the issue of climate change. By showing a progression of events from glacial melting and calving to melting and drying out, this video emphasizes the reality of change in our planet. The footage is a remix, comprised of footage from other youtube users, who are cited in the credits at the end of the video.

Title: Ice Melting

Run Time: 1:15

Description: This is the first in a series of three related videos inspired by Raymond Williams' thoughts on television in his article "The Technology and the Society". All three of these videos also work on a climate change theme, and emphasize the importance and prominence of water in our lives, and for all the planet. This video is a 1-minute piece of footage of a lump of ice melting on a gray and windy day.