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About me

My name is Kate Duncan-Welke, and I am an alumnus of Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. I graduated in June 2012 with a major in Environmental Studies, and minors in Studio Art and Art History - two seemingly disparate focii that combined by pursing sustainable design.

As a designer I focus on a clean, crisp aesthetic that is both visually pleasing and conscientious of user experience standards and design trends. As an earth-conscious individual too, however, I aim for my works and design process to have a low environmental impact. Specifically I work as a web and graphic designer with a focus on maintaining sustainable practices by melding my scientific knowledge with a desire to produce crisp, clear, and environmentally conscious design, no matter the project. Using the liberal arts thinking that I learned while at Lawrence, I have melded my environmental background with my artistic abilties to fill an important niche in the constantly evolving design world.

Currently I am engaged in a number of activities to boost my experience and diversity even further, including a project based internship with Comstar, LLC, ongoing volunteering designing materials for the Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve, remote freelancing via Elance (go to profile), and independent skill-building by adding more coding languages to my repetoir. Along with these activities I welcome further freelance opportunities as well as full-time employment, especially within a design or environmentally conscious company. For more details about how to get in touch, please visit the contact page or download my resume below.