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Design & functionality

As a web designer, my goal for each site is to create not only an elegant design, but an intuitive and functional one as well. When assembling a set of pages and the information therein, a pleasing appearance alone is not enough - the website must be legible, well organized, and intuitive for a user to navigate. Previous to the creation of each design I develop, a great deal of consideration enters into devising the layout and communicating with the client to ascertain their needs before the coding even begins. I take this feedback into account carefully, melding it with ideas for color concepts, content, and visual impact to make an end product that meets the user's needs while at the same time remaining aesthetically pleasing.

This incorporation of crisp design with ease of use is central to my work in web design, and drives me to continually improve the sites I make. That includes my own site here as well, which remains dynamic through regular updates and consistent attention to changes in the web design world.

Design samples

Mobile first responsive web design approach, for imaginary task management software company.*

*any resemblance to a real organization is purely coincidental

Works in progress

Attorney website (full size preview not yet available)

Completed works

Flink Learning Website Redesign (responsive)

Site currently in development by Flink Learning, link available at a later date.

National Liner Website Redesign (responsive)

Site developed by Comstar, LLC. View here

Arrowhead Scholarship Fund Website

Site developed by Comstar, LLC. View here

Church Website (WordPress)

Site designed, developed, and implemented by Kate Duncan-Welke. Click to view

design examples

Javascript Integration

Responsive design